The Namakwala's

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance ourselves for customers by making best utilization of available resources and fostering innovation and sustainable solution for them.

How We Started:


In 1945, late Shri Bhadrilal Lohia started a business of common salt from his city Bhilwara, Rajasthan (INDIA).
He joined the business at a very young age and for over three decades he founded the business of Namakwala Group along with a good experience in shipping, logistics and the maritime industry.
During his initial days he started with selling common salt but after few years he began in processing and packaging of varieties of salt in consumer pack for the first time in India. He successfully spearheaded the group's diversification from a ship agency to encompass project cargo movement, bulk and container port infrastructure, container freight stations, inland container depots and container rail operations enabling J. M. Baxi & Co to emerge as the largest logistics solutions provider in the country today.
His in-depth knowledge of the Indian transportation sector, diverse experience, business acumen and keen foresight have contributed significantly to the growth of J. M. Baxi Group. After him, the business has been successfully steered by his successors who have made it one of the foremost salt producers in the country.

OUR group

Maa Chemfood Pvt. Ltd

Maa Chemfood manufactures highly pured salt which helps in all private as well as public sectors like for medical purposes, household services and industries like fishing and detergent etc.

Radek Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Radek Overseas constantly pursues innovation and purification with the varieties of required chemicals.
Our Research and Development team constantly improves the quality with well developed manufacturing infrastructure.

Kailani Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Kailani Foods promises the best quality of spices by processing the organic raw materials with the help of experts and process under well-developed machineries.
Kailani Foods serves their spices worldwide on a large scale.

Ashapura Brine Chem Pvt.Ltd.

Ashapura Chem Brine is manufacturer and supplier of Refined Free Flow Iodised Salt and high grade Industrial Salt.
Expert technical team works to reserve evaluation, aquisition and development of products and manages corrosion and landman services.


Our company incorporates the latest production methods to manufacture salt products. After undergoing the initial stages of drying of seawater, the salt is brought into our state-of-the-art production unit where it is cleaned for impurities, changed to granulated form, and hygienically packaged for the market. We devise cost-effective production methods that result in high-quality Industrial/ Iodised salt being available to consumers at competitive price points.


Packaged products are stored in a large company-owned warehouse used for stockpiling bulk orders. The packages are kept in a temperature-controlled environment free of moisture and contamination.
The area is regularly fumigated to restrict the entry of rodents and pests. A robust warehousing and logistics process ensures faster product delivery for our client.


Refined Salt is hygienically packed to prevent contamination and moisture. We use special freshness seal packs with vacuum sealing for this purpose. The packages are bunched into wooden cartons/pallets as per the customers’ requirements. We have tie-ups with leading logistics companies with a reputation for speed and reliability to ensure that the products reach their destination on time.


Trust and reliability.
Widest product range in India.
Differentiated products to suit various needs.
Strong commercial and corporate presence. Global distribution network.