Industrial Salt is a fine screened, white crystalline sodium chloride produced by the solar evaporation of brine. Intended for use in a wide variety of end use applications.
Pure Salt is used in the textile, hosiery, and dyeing industries.
Crystalline Salt is in demand in various industries like pharmaceutical, paint and distemper, dyes and chemicals, intermediate UV fluid industries, drilling applications, and more.
Medium Grade Salt is useful for dye, chemicals, seafood and frozen food companies.
Super Fine Salt is in high demand in numerous industries such as soap, chemical, and ayurvedic preparations.
30 Mesh Salt is useful in making detergents and washing powder.
Oversize Salt is required in explosive industries, specialty chemicals, granite polishing, drilling etc.


In Textile Industry salt plays a crucial role in dyeing and to reduce hard water. In dyeing salt works as catalyst, also it leads maximum exhaustion of dye molecules. It is used as an electrolyte for migration, adsorption and fixation of dye stuff to cellulose material.


A saturated salt mud is used to drill salt to prevent hole enlargement.
In hot, plastic, salt zones, the hole may close inward unless extremely high mud weight is maintained.
As an alternative to high mud weight, maintaining undersaturation in the fluid allows controlled leaching to offset hole closure by plastic flow.


The basic raw material for the membrane Chlor-Alkali process is purified Sodium Chloride.
The quality of salt plays an important role in the proper trouble-free production of Chlorine and Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide).
The quality of Chlor-Alkali Grade used as raw material determines the life of the membrane cells. Also the consumption of electricity is dependent on the level of impurities in the salt.


The term pharmaceutical salt is used to refer to an ionisable drug that has been combined with a counter-ion to form a neutral complex. Converting a drug into a salt through this process can increase its chemical stability, render the complex easier to administer and allow manipulation of the agent’s pharmacokinetic profile. Salt selection is now a common standard operation performed with small ionisable molecules during drug development, and in many cases the drug salts display preferential properties as compared with the parent molecule.


PVD Salt. Pure Dried Vacuum Salt Food Grade . PVD Salt is produced in the India by pumping water deep underground into reserves of hard salt.
It is then pumped back up as a thick brine solution and is dried to create a fine Food Grade Salt.


De-icing Salts prevent 90% of road accidents in snow-prone areas during winter seasons.
A thin layer of snow sheet on the roads, also known as ‘black ice’ is the major cause of road accidents during snow season, salt is sprinkled on these icy roads to melt the ice-sheet and make traction easier and safer to motorists.
Each country uses different equipment for dispersing salt on snowed-on roads, our specially formulated de-icing salt ensures that the salt is fit for use in salt dispersing machines and equipment.

detergent grade salt

Our Detergent Grade Salt get dissolve in water immediately. Used as a filler for solvents .We distribute the component needed for soap and detergent manufacturing. We have countless other purposes and available in different packaging options.

abrasive industries

Abrasive Industries use salt for granite polishing to make granite bricks and disks etc.


Salting is a traditional method of fish processing in many countries of the world. It can be used in combination with drying or smoking. Salting the fish removes water and lowers the water activity (water available for the support of microbial growth which causes the spoilage).